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Chris & Jonny PicSpam

These two always brings a smile on my face. Many people would envy what they've got. The fact that they can sustain such a close friendship amidst the roller coaster of fame and media frenzy is not a small feat. Chrissy & Jonny - I love you guys!

Chris Martin (looking at Jonny) introduces  'Moses' at Coldplay concerts : 
"This is for the most beautiful guy in the world!"

Gwynn and GOOP

Have you ever read Gwyneth Paltrow's website, GOOP? Well, if you haven't - you probably should. It's really not bad, and it can be quite addictive, for some people (not my cup of tea though). What would a gorgeous movie star like Gwynnie want with her own website? In GOOP, she talks about where to dine (L'ami Louis, where you can occasionally spot the French President), what to buy for your man on Christmas (cashmere socks for US$ Chris getting that for Christmas?) and where to stay when you're in Paris (the Ritz...HELLO! Who can actually afford to stay there?).

If you have kids, why don't you buy a cooking book from one of her celebrity friend? Or if you want to be buff, watch an exercise video done by one of her friends.  Oh, and what kind of book does Gwynneth read? Of course she would read Jane Eyre and Crime & Punishment. If you need entertainment, go to the London Tate or NYC Met (the museum...not the baseball team). Beautiful, classy, rich and very very cultured. She's the perfect woman.

Okay, to be honest. I really don't find anything useful in her website. I live a totally different life and I can't afford anything she recommends. It makes me wonder...WTH is Chris Martin doing with her? But at the same time...I admire her. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she's sharing a piece of her to the rest of the world. That takes courage. In this website, Gywnn is being herself....the beautiful, wealthy and famous actress who calls both New York and London home. She's not pretending to be anyone else. And I like that....a lot.

I really really want to hate her....but I just can't. I don't know why. And I also read the GOOP Newsletter every week. I'm pathetic.

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Rainy Days

It's been raining all day.  And when you live in Sydney, can't help but appreciate the rain because it doesn't come very often. I'm really not exaggerating. I have been living here for nearly 17 years and I'm really not making this up.

I wonder why people could say that they hated the rain. Okay, it can be inconvenient, especially for someone who doesn't drive, like myself. But I don't mind it at all. I like how rain makes you feel like you want to stay indoors, reading a good book and having a nice cuppa.

I also like the smell that lingers after the rain stops. That muddy, earthy smell that many people say they can't stand...I actually love it.

I like walking in the rain (I know this sounds like a line from a movie...). Of course I need an umbrella, but walking in the rain and listening to my iPod is one of the best things to do when I need to relax.

One rainy day like this could change everything. The plants, their brownish tinge will disappear and you can see green everywhere. Of course this only lasts for a few days, before the continuous harsh Australian sun dries them up again.

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Kings Of Leon Concert

So, I went to see the 'Kings of Leon' concert on the 21st of March. It has been slightly more than a week, but the show is still fresh in my mind. I went with Shanna, who is possibly the BEST person to go to see KOL with. She knows almost everything about the boys and their music. As for me, the only albums I have are 'Because Of The Times' and 'Only By The Night'.  Okay, I must admit that I didn't know much about them until I found out that Rob (Pattinson of course...not Downey Jr or De Niro) went to see them in concert. I thought I should check out what kind of music he likes..and then I was surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to KOL's latest album, esp  'Use Somebody', that's my favourite song of theirs.

Anyway, I have to be honest about this (Shann told me that I should). Before the band came out, I couldn't stop reminscing about the Coldplay concert I just attended a week before. It was the same venue, so I couldn't help it. But when the band came out, and they started playing their first song 'Crawl'. I forgot about my daydream and was immediately dragged into the present.

Shann made me promise to stand up the whole way through, and I did. It was a brilliant idea, because it helps me get into the mood. Anyway. here are  few things I must say about the concert:

1. KOL 's previous albums are very different from 'Only By The Night' so if you've only listened to the last album.....this concert might be a bit of a surprise.
2. Caleb Followill is possibly the best looking rocker I've seen live....believe it or not.
3. I wish they'd played 'Closer', I love that song.
4. They did a marvelous job with 'Use Somebody', that was the higlight of the concert for me.
5. Their performance sounded better than the original CD version. At least that's my opinion. They did an awesome job.
6. Caleb's voice is amazing!!!
7. They don't talk much, or engage the audience very often...they concentrated on the singing part.
8. They don't move much on stage. Basically just stayed in one spot.
9. By the end of the concert, I really missed Chris Martin and the guys from Coldplay.

That's it....that's my account of the KOL concert. If you are a KOL fan, you have to try and watch them in concert, it is totally worth it.

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Coldplay Tribute Video

Okay, I've been bursting to make a Coldplay video almost a month now but I know I needed to have enough clips before I could do anything. So days after days of watching, collecting video clips and listening to Coldplay songs (not easy to pick which song to use, since I have soo many favourites). Here it is, finally, my first Coldplay fan video. Please be kind when commenting, because I know I still have a lot to learn before I could make something good enough to show my appreciation for the guys.

Viva La Vida_2

Six Degrees of Separation

Hmm...I was sorting out my videos this morning, and I happen to stumble upon  the Romance Montage on the 2009 Oscar's. I saved it into my Hard Drive because Rob was presenting. But guess what...if you see the montage, you'll realise that they are using a Coldplay song, 'Lovers In Japan'. I nearly jumped when I saw this..and since I'm probably the only one who's excited about this...I have no choice but to write in my LJ, because if I have to keep it inside, I might burst...LOL.

Chris Martin

Rob Pattinson & Chris Martin

I haven't been able to take my mind off Chris Martin since I watched him on the Coldplay concert a few weeks ago. And of course Rob has occupied my mind for a while now, nearly a year.  So...what am I going to do? I'm going to make a list of similarities and differences between Rob and Chris. I know this might sound silly and immature, but it's loads of fun. If either one of them ever sees this post (which I highly doubt), I apologise. I meant no harm, and I am truly truly in awe of both of you.


1. They are both British
2. They are both singers
3. The paparazzi loves both of them
4. They can both speak French
5. They are both charming
6. Whenever I hear either of them in interviews, they always make me laugh. (must be that British sense of humour)
7. They are both extremely self-deprecating
8. They don't have the best sense of fashion (in my opinion)
9. They both have to travel to a lot of places but they still call London home
10. They both read books


1. Chris is vegetarian and Rob loves cheeseburgers
2. Chris is in his early 30s and Rob is in his early 20s
3. Chris is married and Rob is single
4. Chris loves children (he has two of his own) and Rob hates kids
5. Rob smokes and drinks and Chris is rumoured to be a non-smoker or drinker. ( I heard that smoking and drinking affects your voice..not to mention stamina. And have you ever seen Chris Martin in concert? That guy is like the Energizer Bunny! )
6. Chris is known to be intensely private, as for Rob, he says a lot of things on interviews...(as all Rob fans would know, Rob hardly ever filters anything. Everything that goes on in his brain would go straight to his mouth).
7. Chris (and the rest of the Coldplay band members) openly admits that he loves his fans (including the screaming fangirls..) and Rob freaks out when they're around.
8. Chris has been to Australia many times and mentions how much he loves the country. I don't think Rob has ever set foot in this country..or if he did, he's never mentioned it.
9. Chris is very open about how he is a HUGE Neighbour's fan and I don't think Rob has mentioned that show even once. He's watches Tyra Banks least that's what he said.
10.Rob can pull off some cool dance moves (based on the few video clips that I saw) and Ryan Seacrest called some of Chris' dance moves as the 'imaginary pogo stick' and 'human corkscrew' moves.

Chris close up

Best Song Ever

Okay, I know that I write enough about Rob Pattinson on my fansite but I'm actually bursting to talk about  my other addiction, Coldplay. There's not really anyone I can talk to about this....and I could talk ALL DAY about how much I love their songs, Chris Martin and basically everything to do with the band.

A few days after I went to the Coldplay concert, the band played at the Sound Relief Concert at Sydney Cricket Ground. They played for free and the money the concert made will be donated to the victims of the Victorian bushfires and Queensland floods. I tried not to be upset about not being able to go to the concert, but when I heard that Chris ran into the audience and being chased by both the security and the fans, I was soo annoyed that I wasn't there.

I know some people might think it's a silly stunt, but that's what I like about the band. Not because they're gimmicky, but they are interesting and very enthusiastic. Apparently even the other band members had no clue that Chris was going to do it.

Another thing I like about the band was how much they make a point to use their fame for something worthwhile. Other than being involved with many charities...(probably Oxfam is the most well-known one)...while they were in Australia, Chris insisted to be taken to the bushfire sites, just so he can have a firsthand experience on the devastation and loss that happened a few months ago.

So here's the segment from the Sound Relief Concert where Coldplay was playing 'FIX YOU' (the best song ever, by the way...) and Chris ran into the crowd.

Chris Martin_2

Viva La Vida

It has been about  15 hours since i came out of COLDPLAY's Viva La Vida concert in Sydney and I'm still reeling from the experience. The weirdest thing was, I almost didn't end up going. My ex-friend, who I was trying to avoid because our friendship turned out to be one of the most complicated and unnecessary experience in my life, was going to the concert. We bought the tickets months ago, before our friendship turned sour. So I was really contemplating on staying at home, instead of going to a concert of a band I hardly knew anything about. The only reason I bought the ticket was because of Viva La Vida, which is like the most amazing song I've ever heard. I don't know why....there's basically no logical explanation to it. Nevertheles, this song is magical. Whenever I'm down or upset, this song is like a 4 mns cure to any ailment. It never fails to cheer me up, ever.

Anyway, I went to the show, not expecting anything except to see and hear Viva La Vida Live. That was all I wanted. But what I got was a lot more than what I expected. I enjoyed all the songs (never happened before...) and was bouncing on my seat with every beat (that sounds scary, but it really isn't). And Chris Martin was a wonderful entertainer. He involved the audience a lot, and the band even did a 'surprise' performance amongst the audience...just so the people who bought cheaper tickets could get a closer look. Chris was hillarous and self-deprecating (must be a common trait amongst the Brits). That lucky Gwyneth!!!

I am a huge fan now (and probably for the rest of my life)...and I just bought all their four albums at one go. So far I've only listened to their latest album and am totally having a blast with it. Most of the songs from that album were played in the concert and it is a great way to re-visit the wonderful time I had. Actually, this is the first concert I where I didn't want to leave...and the one I wanted to see more than once (but I really can't afford to buy another ticket).

I can't resist posting the Viva La Vida video here, it's probably the only music video I've watched so often.

Press Conference -2

Random Posting about Random Nothingness

Apparently, the infamous Mr Zefron has arrived at Kingsford Smith (the Sydney airport) this morning. Poor guy is probably expecting sunshine and glorious warm days but is inundated with horrible rain that will probably continue till this weekend. I wouldn't mind checking him out...he's going to attend the premiere of his new movie "17 again" HOYTS, but I have to go and watch Coldplay. Tough choice (being sarcastic here)...Zefron or Coldplay? Wow, I'm racking my brains out and I've decided with great difficulty (sarcastic again) to go and see Coldplay.

Oh, and of course... the 20-something year old I actually want to see is way way way up at a faraway land called Canada. He looks cold, miserable...and lonely. And he should be down here, where it's so much warmer (believe me...the rain won't last forever). Anyway,  I wonder if he will be down here for the premiere of New Moon (with Kristen, of course). He'd better be...because I have no clue why Summit doesn't think that Australia is a big enough market for them. There are loads of squealing fangirls here, and they can be much louder than their American counterparts.

Oops...I've just noticed how they are both wearing beanies, sunglasses and hooded sweaters. I wonder if this is a 'required' outfit for celebrities who are 'out and about'?