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Kings Of Leon Concert

So, I went to see the 'Kings of Leon' concert on the 21st of March. It has been slightly more than a week, but the show is still fresh in my mind. I went with Shanna, who is possibly the BEST person to go to see KOL with. She knows almost everything about the boys and their music. As for me, the only albums I have are 'Because Of The Times' and 'Only By The Night'.  Okay, I must admit that I didn't know much about them until I found out that Rob (Pattinson of course...not Downey Jr or De Niro) went to see them in concert. I thought I should check out what kind of music he likes..and then I was surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to KOL's latest album, esp  'Use Somebody', that's my favourite song of theirs.

Anyway, I have to be honest about this (Shann told me that I should). Before the band came out, I couldn't stop reminscing about the Coldplay concert I just attended a week before. It was the same venue, so I couldn't help it. But when the band came out, and they started playing their first song 'Crawl'. I forgot about my daydream and was immediately dragged into the present.

Shann made me promise to stand up the whole way through, and I did. It was a brilliant idea, because it helps me get into the mood. Anyway. here are  few things I must say about the concert:

1. KOL 's previous albums are very different from 'Only By The Night' so if you've only listened to the last album.....this concert might be a bit of a surprise.
2. Caleb Followill is possibly the best looking rocker I've seen live....believe it or not.
3. I wish they'd played 'Closer', I love that song.
4. They did a marvelous job with 'Use Somebody', that was the higlight of the concert for me.
5. Their performance sounded better than the original CD version. At least that's my opinion. They did an awesome job.
6. Caleb's voice is amazing!!!
7. They don't talk much, or engage the audience very often...they concentrated on the singing part.
8. They don't move much on stage. Basically just stayed in one spot.
9. By the end of the concert, I really missed Chris Martin and the guys from Coldplay.

That's it....that's my account of the KOL concert. If you are a KOL fan, you have to try and watch them in concert, it is totally worth it.

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