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Random Posting about Random Nothingness

Apparently, the infamous Mr Zefron has arrived at Kingsford Smith (the Sydney airport) this morning. Poor guy is probably expecting sunshine and glorious warm days but is inundated with horrible rain that will probably continue till this weekend. I wouldn't mind checking him out...he's going to attend the premiere of his new movie "17 again" HOYTS, but I have to go and watch Coldplay. Tough choice (being sarcastic here)...Zefron or Coldplay? Wow, I'm racking my brains out and I've decided with great difficulty (sarcastic again) to go and see Coldplay.

Oh, and of course... the 20-something year old I actually want to see is way way way up at a faraway land called Canada. He looks cold, miserable...and lonely. And he should be down here, where it's so much warmer (believe me...the rain won't last forever). Anyway,  I wonder if he will be down here for the premiere of New Moon (with Kristen, of course). He'd better be...because I have no clue why Summit doesn't think that Australia is a big enough market for them. There are loads of squealing fangirls here, and they can be much louder than their American counterparts.

Oops...I've just noticed how they are both wearing beanies, sunglasses and hooded sweaters. I wonder if this is a 'required' outfit for celebrities who are 'out and about'?

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