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Viva La Vida

It has been about  15 hours since i came out of COLDPLAY's Viva La Vida concert in Sydney and I'm still reeling from the experience. The weirdest thing was, I almost didn't end up going. My ex-friend, who I was trying to avoid because our friendship turned out to be one of the most complicated and unnecessary experience in my life, was going to the concert. We bought the tickets months ago, before our friendship turned sour. So I was really contemplating on staying at home, instead of going to a concert of a band I hardly knew anything about. The only reason I bought the ticket was because of Viva La Vida, which is like the most amazing song I've ever heard. I don't know why....there's basically no logical explanation to it. Nevertheles, this song is magical. Whenever I'm down or upset, this song is like a 4 mns cure to any ailment. It never fails to cheer me up, ever.

Anyway, I went to the show, not expecting anything except to see and hear Viva La Vida Live. That was all I wanted. But what I got was a lot more than what I expected. I enjoyed all the songs (never happened before...) and was bouncing on my seat with every beat (that sounds scary, but it really isn't). And Chris Martin was a wonderful entertainer. He involved the audience a lot, and the band even did a 'surprise' performance amongst the audience...just so the people who bought cheaper tickets could get a closer look. Chris was hillarous and self-deprecating (must be a common trait amongst the Brits). That lucky Gwyneth!!!

I am a huge fan now (and probably for the rest of my life)...and I just bought all their four albums at one go. So far I've only listened to their latest album and am totally having a blast with it. Most of the songs from that album were played in the concert and it is a great way to re-visit the wonderful time I had. Actually, this is the first concert I where I didn't want to leave...and the one I wanted to see more than once (but I really can't afford to buy another ticket).

I can't resist posting the Viva La Vida video here, it's probably the only music video I've watched so often.

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