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Best Song Ever

Okay, I know that I write enough about Rob Pattinson on my fansite but I'm actually bursting to talk about  my other addiction, Coldplay. There's not really anyone I can talk to about this....and I could talk ALL DAY about how much I love their songs, Chris Martin and basically everything to do with the band.

A few days after I went to the Coldplay concert, the band played at the Sound Relief Concert at Sydney Cricket Ground. They played for free and the money the concert made will be donated to the victims of the Victorian bushfires and Queensland floods. I tried not to be upset about not being able to go to the concert, but when I heard that Chris ran into the audience and being chased by both the security and the fans, I was soo annoyed that I wasn't there.

I know some people might think it's a silly stunt, but that's what I like about the band. Not because they're gimmicky, but they are interesting and very enthusiastic. Apparently even the other band members had no clue that Chris was going to do it.

Another thing I like about the band was how much they make a point to use their fame for something worthwhile. Other than being involved with many charities...(probably Oxfam is the most well-known one)...while they were in Australia, Chris insisted to be taken to the bushfire sites, just so he can have a firsthand experience on the devastation and loss that happened a few months ago.

So here's the segment from the Sound Relief Concert where Coldplay was playing 'FIX YOU' (the best song ever, by the way...) and Chris ran into the crowd.

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