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Rob Pattinson & Chris Martin

I haven't been able to take my mind off Chris Martin since I watched him on the Coldplay concert a few weeks ago. And of course Rob has occupied my mind for a while now, nearly a year.  So...what am I going to do? I'm going to make a list of similarities and differences between Rob and Chris. I know this might sound silly and immature, but it's loads of fun. If either one of them ever sees this post (which I highly doubt), I apologise. I meant no harm, and I am truly truly in awe of both of you.


1. They are both British
2. They are both singers
3. The paparazzi loves both of them
4. They can both speak French
5. They are both charming
6. Whenever I hear either of them in interviews, they always make me laugh. (must be that British sense of humour)
7. They are both extremely self-deprecating
8. They don't have the best sense of fashion (in my opinion)
9. They both have to travel to a lot of places but they still call London home
10. They both read books


1. Chris is vegetarian and Rob loves cheeseburgers
2. Chris is in his early 30s and Rob is in his early 20s
3. Chris is married and Rob is single
4. Chris loves children (he has two of his own) and Rob hates kids
5. Rob smokes and drinks and Chris is rumoured to be a non-smoker or drinker. ( I heard that smoking and drinking affects your voice..not to mention stamina. And have you ever seen Chris Martin in concert? That guy is like the Energizer Bunny! )
6. Chris is known to be intensely private, as for Rob, he says a lot of things on interviews...(as all Rob fans would know, Rob hardly ever filters anything. Everything that goes on in his brain would go straight to his mouth).
7. Chris (and the rest of the Coldplay band members) openly admits that he loves his fans (including the screaming fangirls..) and Rob freaks out when they're around.
8. Chris has been to Australia many times and mentions how much he loves the country. I don't think Rob has ever set foot in this country..or if he did, he's never mentioned it.
9. Chris is very open about how he is a HUGE Neighbour's fan and I don't think Rob has mentioned that show even once. He's watches Tyra Banks least that's what he said.
10.Rob can pull off some cool dance moves (based on the few video clips that I saw) and Ryan Seacrest called some of Chris' dance moves as the 'imaginary pogo stick' and 'human corkscrew' moves.

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